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The Best Medical Billing Solutions for Healthcare Providers

About us

Trusted Experience.

Chirobill was established to meet a crucial need within our esteemed chiropractic facility. Recognizing the industry-wide challenge of securing a billing partner that aligns with our unwavering commitment to the significance of each claim, we took a strategic leap forward. Opting to outsource our billing services emerged as the optimal choice for our practice, proving to be a successful solution for many within our expansive professional network. At Chirobill, we deeply comprehend the critical role that effective insurance management plays in maintaining a robust cash flow. We understand that inadequate communication, a lack of systematic billing, and insufficient follow-up, coupled with irregular reporting, can lead to delayed payments for our valued clients. To ensure your daily cash flow, we diligently handle your filings the same day. Our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service is consistently affirmed by the glowing testimonials showcased on our dedicated page. At Chirobill, your financial success is our top priority. In essence, our fees, ranging between 4% to 8% of the net amount secured on your behalf (or adjusted based on the size of your practice), emphasize our shared interest in ensuring your financial prosperity. It's a fundamental principle: if you don't get paid, neither do we. Eager to explore the numerous benefits of partnering with Chirobill? Please feel free to complete the form below or reach out to us via email at

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Our experienced team of professionals understand the complexities of healthcare billing, Payer policies and reimbursement processes, this helps in improving our Healthcare Partner’s financial performance.

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