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Say Goodbye to Billing Frustrations - Hello to Chiropractic Success.

Streamlined billing processes to support your expanding Chiropractic practice, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

About Chirobillnc

Founded in 2015. At ChiroBillnc, we understand chiropractors. We’re not just another billing service – we’re an extension of your practice, a dedicated team working alongside you to achieve your goals.

Here’s how we make a difference?

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Medical Billing Services

Streamline your practice with end-to-end Chiropractic billing solutions.

Billing for Chiropractors

Ensure timely payments with our comprehensive Chiropractic billing services.

RCM Services

Efficient claims management and follow-up for seamless cash flow.

RCM for Chiropractors

Revenue Cycle Management Services for Chiropractors from patient registration to final payment.

Accounts Receivable

Expert AR solutions for quicker, reliable payments in chiropractic care.

A/R Services for Chiropractors

Reduce outstanding balances for chiropractic practices with our dedicated AR services.

Credentialing Services

Efficient credentialing to help chiropractors focus on patient care.

Credentialing for Chiropractors

Expert credentialing services for hassle-free chiropractic practice setup.

Collect Your Payments 3x Faster With Chirobillnc

Customized Chiropratic Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management Solutions empowers Chiropractic practices nationwide, to maximize profitability at a cost-effective price.

Benefits of working with Chirobillnc

  • Boost Revenue & Profitability

    Maximize reimbursements with accurate coding and faster claim processing. Reduce denials and ensure timely follow-up for lost revenue. 99% Claims Acceptance Rate - Get paid for the services you deliver.

  • Save Time & Money

    Free up your staff to focus on patient care, not paperwork. Eliminate the cost of hiring and training in-house billing specialists. Potentially reduce overhead costs associated with billing software and equipment.

  • Increase Efficiency & Accuracy

    Benefit from expertise in complex medical coding and billing regulations. Ensure claims are submitted correctly the first time, minimizing errors and delays. Fully HIPAA Compliant: We safeguard your patients' protected health information.

  • Improve Cashflow & Peace of Mind

    Get paid faster with dedicated claim follow-up and collections efforts. Eliminate the stress of managing medical billing in-house.

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Steps to Streamline Your Chiropractic Practice with Us


We discuss your specific needs and goals for medical billing and RCM services.


We tailor our RCM solution to fit your practice workflow and maximize efficiency.

Data Integration:

We securely import patient and insurance information into our system.

Training & Support

We provide comprehensive training for your staff on our processes and communication channels.

Get Latest Updates on Chiropractic News and Trends

Our customized Revenue Cycle Management empowers medical providers, including Chiropractic practices nationwide, to maximize profitability at a cost-effective price.

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